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Located in Dunedin in Florida, we here at Sandbar Grill know a thing or two about this great town and today we want to share some of those things with you! So, the next time that you stop by to grab a bite here at Sandbar, you can impress everyone with your knowledge about Dunedin!

Dunedin in Florida: Top Restaurant Shares 6 Interesting Dunedin Facts!

1. Edinburgh

The name “Dunedin” comes from the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, the Scottish capital city. That name is “Dùn Èideann” and comes from the rich Scottish history of the town which began in 1899 when Scottish families settled the area!

2. Like Orange Juice?

We all know that oranges are one of our most delicious assets here in Florida, but did you know that frozen orange juice concentrate originated here in Dunedin? The idea of citrus concentrate had been around since 1914 but in the 1930s, B.C. Skinner began to experiment with the idea to allow for fresh-tasting orange juice to be reconstituted from frozen concentrate simply by adding water. By 1944, Skinner’s company, Citrus Concentrates, Inc. (CCI), had produced more than 28 million cans of orange juice concentrate!

3. An Old Town

Dunedin is one of the oldest cities on the west coast of Florida, settled in 1852, incorporated as a town in 1899, and incorporated as a city in 1925.

4. More Water Than Land

When it comes to area, Dunedin is comprised of more water than land! The entire area of Dunedin is 22.94 sq mi, 10.41 sq mi of that area is land and 12.53 sq mi is water! Our population is 36,580 which means that our population density is 3,514.94/sq mi. We are the 1,178th largest city in the United States and our population density is 742% higher than the Florida average and 3711% higher than the national average!

5. We Prefer Not to Have Chain Stores

If you take a walk around downtown Dunedin, you’ll notice that we have a lot of small locally owned shops. This is a stark difference from the usual chain stores and megastores that you would find in other cities in Florida! We believe in supporting the local community and giving small businesses a chance!

6. Dunedin is a Dog Lovers Paradise!

Take a walk around downtown Dunedin and you’ll see dogs everywhere, but you’ll also see a huge dog mural that says “Welcome to Dogedin!” We’re the perfect town for pet parents who are looking to take their dog out for an enjoyable stroll when the weather is cooler. Plus, most of the stores we have to offer include water stations to ensure that your pup stays hydrated as you pass through! Plus, if you feel like grabbing a bite to eat, you can bring your pup with you to our outdoor seating area here at Sandbar and enjoy a good meal!

Looking For Great Food Here in Dunedin in Florida?

If you happen to stop by our great town of Dunedin and you’re looking for something delicious for lunch or dinner, we’ve got you covered! Just stop on by and visit us here at Sandbar Grill and see what we’ve got on the grill for you!


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