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When it comes to Dunedin BBQ, you’ll find the tastiest pork BBQ sandwich around here at Sandbar Grill. But while we’re thinking about that mouthwatering BBQ…what is it that makes a truly great BBQ anyway?

Dunedin BBQ at Sandbar Grill: What Makes a Great BBQ?

Here at Sandbar Grill, we have a really great pork BBQ sandwich on our menu, but what is it that makes a really great bbq? There are a few factors that come together to create this delicious fan-favorite…


For pork BBQ to be great (and we mean truly great) it takes time. Why is time so important? Giving the meat time to cook slowly is what allows the meat to retain those flavorful juices. Of course, the time the meat needs to cook is dependent upon the amount of meat you are cooking, how thick that meat is, and the temperature you are cooking it at (we’ll talk about this in a minute).

Problems arise when you cook BBQ for too long – your moisture is drawn out of the meat completely and you wind up eating shoe leather. Problems also arise when you cook your BBQ far too quickly – your heat is too high and, again, there go your moisture and all of those delicious juices!

So, if you’ve ever had over-dry BBQ, we can guarantee that it’s been cooked far too quickly or far too long!

The Quality of the Meat

As with any food, the quality of the ingredients is a huge factor in the outcome of a dish. When you’re talking about pork BBQ this is particularly important because the meat is really all you’re working with – sure, a little seasoning, maybe a BBQ sauce on the side, but the meat is the star of the dish. Here at Sandbar, we use the best cuts of pork when making our BBQ and if you taste our BBQ pork sandwich, you’ll taste the difference!

The Right Heat

As we already mentioned, BBQ needs time to cook and it can’t be rushed if you’re aiming for tender and juicy meat. Just as important as the time you cook it, however, is the temperature at which you cook it. Traditionally, BBQ has always been cooked using a “low and slow” method as opposed to the “fast and hot” method that grilling uses.

“Low and slow” means using a low heat but cooking the meat for a longer time (but not too long!). This way you get tender meat that just falls off the bone but that still retains moisture.

What would happen if you tried to cook BBQ using a “fast and hot” method? Your BBQ would look like shredded carpet fibers! It’d be dry, tasteless, and you’d be chewing one bite of your sandwich for days!

Looking For Great Dunedin BBQ?

If you’re looking for great Dunedin BBQ, drop by and pay us a visit here at Sandbar Grill and give our BBQ pork sandwich a try. You’ll find us over here at 2602 Bayshore Blvd!


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