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Where is Dunedin, Florida? As the home of Sandbar Grill, we know a thing or two about this great city and today we want to share a little bit more about Dunedin!

Where is Dunedin Florida? The Home of Sandbar Grill!

Dunedin, Florida is located in Pinellas County on the west coast of the Florida panhandle. You’ll find Dunedin just eleven minutes south of Palm Harbor and eleven minutes east of Honeymoon Island!

We’re not a huge town, but we’re not a tiny town either. Our population according to the 2018 census is 36.2k people and it’s slowly growing every year. The vast majority of our community are 35 years old or older.

The biggest job sectors in Dunedin are the healthcare and retail industries, but we also have a good job market in the professional, scientific, and technical services, too!

If you are interested in moving to the area, you might also like to know that we are an exceptionally low crime area and there is plenty to do around here, too. In fact, the average resident in Dunedin rates their quality of life at A+! We’ve also got some incredible schools and local amenities too!

What else will you find around here?

We’ve got a ton of sailing, fishing, and boat tour businesses so you can enjoy a beautiful day out on the water no matter whether you’re looking to catch fish or just enjoy some time away from the electronics of daily life!

You’ll also find quite a few helicopter tours if you want to get a birds eye view of how gorgeous this area is!

We’ve got beaches galore, so if you’re looking to spend a little time laying out on the warm sun and turning off your devices while spending a little time outside those four walls you’ve been stuck behind for so long, we’ve got plenty of locations to choose from.

If you prefer museums and local attractions, we’ve got tons of those too! There’s the Penny Lane Beatles Museum, the Dunedin Fine Art Museum, plenty of parks and nature preservation areas where you can take in something new and stretch your legs!

If you’re looking for food and drink, there’s plenty of that going on around here too! We’ve got some great local breweries that you can tour and some delightful restaurants, too! Where do we fit in? Here at Sandbar Grill, we are the perfect lunch spot with a full menu of delicious options from our hot off the grill burgers to our fresh seafood choices, whatever you are craving, we’ve got something for you.

Feel Like Dropping In to Dunedin Florida?

If you feel like dropping in to Dunedin, Florida, be sure to come by and pay us a visit at Sandbar Grill! We have lots to see in the town and some great and delicious food to fill your belly! You’ll find us located at 2602 Bayshore Blvd., Dunedin, Florida 34698.


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