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There are many top Dunedin restaurants worth checking out and those restaurant owners always appreciate when patrons take the time to leave honest reviews of their experience. That’s why today we want to share a little information to help you when leaving your restaurant reviews and making recommendations for great places to grab a bite!

Top Dunedin Restaurants Talk Restaurant Reviews

When you decide that you’re going to check out a local restaurant and leave a review online or make a recommendation in person, it’s important to know how to do that. For example, you need to know what high points and low points to highlight, how to present your findings in a way that doesn’t seem biased, etc. We’ve got a few pointers to help…

Honesty AND Professionalism Go Hand in Hand

It’s always important to be honest in your restaurant review, but it’s also important to present that honesty in a professional way. The aim of a review is to provide recommendations for potential clients (good or bad) and to provide feedback for the restaurant owner so that they can improve their business (hey, no restaurant is 100% perfect!)

For example, if you had a negative experience, it’s understandable that you’d be upset, but it’s much better to present that information in a helpful way that can help to improve the experience for future guests rather than in an aggressive way that represents you in a negative light and makes your review less credible.

Share Photos

Photos are a great way to share your experience at a restaurant. Good photos not only support specifics of your review – for example, the food quality, but they also prove that you were at the restaurant so that your review is more credible.

Be Fair

Always be fair in your review of a restaurant. This isn’t to say that you should modify your review, but you should present all of the evidence. For example, if you have been to a restaurant twenty times and it just so happened that this last time, you had a bad experience, be sure to share that if you feel compelled to leave a negative review. This helps others to see your review in context.

Be Sure That Your Review Focuses on the Restaurant

When you are reviewing a restaurant, remember that you are reviewing that restaurant only and not external factors that are out of the control of the restaurant and the restaurant owners. For example, if you parked offsite and had a problem with parking, don’t note this in your review of the restaurant. Instead, find a way to review the parking lot you used. Noting your problems with parking in your restaurant review casts a negative light on the restaurant for something that is out of their control and greatly influences what others think of that restaurant.

Ready to Try More Top Dunedin Restaurants?

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