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As a popular Dunedin restaurant, here at Sandbar Grill, we hold an open mic karaoke night every Tuesday from 7-10 pm. It’s always a lot of fun seeing people get up there to show off their talent, but sometimes we see newcomers who are reluctant to give karaoke a try. Today we’re sharing a few reasons why you should set your reservations aside and give open mic night a try!

Dunedin Restaurant Shares Six Reasons to Try Open Mic Karaoke!

1. It’s Fun!

One of the best reasons to try out our open night karaoke is simply because it’s fun! It’s a great chance to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy yourself! Whether you’ve got a professional set of pipes or not, we welcome all talent levels on open mic night!

2. It’s Great For Building Confidence!

If you find that you’re always nervous in public or speaking situations, it’s time to start building your confidence! Open mic karaoke is the perfect way to get that confidence boost and if you’re especially nervous, invite plenty of friends to cheer you on and try a little liquid courage before you grab that mic!

3. Singing is Great For Your Health!

Singing is great for your mental and your physical health too! Not only does singing release endorphins and leave you feeling happy, but it’s a great way to exercise your respiratory system! Every time you take a deep breath and fill those lungs, then exhale in a controlled way, you are exercising your lungs and working your diaphragm. Plus, as you sing, you get that blood pumping through your body and deliver plenty of oxygen-rich blood to your organs!

4. It’s Something New!

If you’ve never sung karaoke before, it’s a great way to try something new! So many of us fall into a rut where we do the same things and keep the same routine day in and day out. Living this way creates boredom and makes life much less enjoyable! So, give something new a try to shake things up a bit!

5. It’s a Great Stress Release!

Grab the mic and belt out your favorite rock and roll song with everything you’ve got and you’ll find that it’s a great way to release your stress and tension! We know you’d much rather yell and tell your boss exactly what you think of him, but channel that anger into a great song and it’ll be much better for your wallet!

6. You Might Be Discovered

Now, don’t get the idea that everyone who shows up at our restaurant for open mic karaoke has professional pipes, plenty of our open mic guests just sing for fun! But if you do happen to have a little bit of singing talent, open mic night is the perfect opportunity to get that talent discovered!

Looking For a Great Dunedin Restaurant to Check Out For Lunch or Dinner?

If you’re in the area looking for a Dunedin restaurant where you can stop and grab a cold drink and something hot off the grill, we’ve got you covered! Just stop in at Sandbar Grill and grab a burger, a seafood basket, a sandwich…or whatever you crave!


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