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As a restaurant in Dunedin Fl, we care very much for our community and part of that caring is keeping each other safe during this time. We are beginning to see an increase in the number of cases of Coronavirus in Pinellas County with 116 cases diagnosed and 5 deaths and this has led to the implementation of a number of new county policies. Today we’re going to touch on those just a little to let you know what is going on beyond your front door.

Dunedin Fl Makes Some Changes During the Time of Covid-19!

We are a city known for our seafood and our love of dogs, but overlooking our tourism industry, we are also a close-knit community that looks out for one another. For us here at Sandbar Grill, part of that responsibility means making sure that our residents are safe and well, so today we’re going to cover a few of the newly implemented changes for our city and county.

Supporting Small Businesses

Firstly, and as we have discussed previously, it’s important that you do your part to support small businesses in our area and part of that effort means keeping your money local! Many restaurants like ours here in Dunedin are still open for business and implementing the necessary protocols to keep everyone safe. So, the next time that you feel like ordering takeout, give one of us a call and support your community!


City officials in Dunedin are also well aware of the impact that Coronavirus is having on the budget of the average family which is why they have compiled a list of available resources in our area for those who need them. You can find these food and social resources below:

Closing Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities can become a hot zone for infection due to large gatherings and common surfaces. To reduce the likelihood of Coronavirus spreading even more quickly, Dunedin has closed the following recreational facilities until further notice:

  • Dunedin Causeway (for kayak launch, please visit Weaver Park)
  • Dunedin Community Center & Fitness Center
  • Dunedin Marina Office
  • Hale Senior Activity Center
  • Highlander Pool
  • Kiwanis Sprayground
  • Kiwanis Outdoor Fit Zone at Weaver Park
  • MLK, Jr. Recreation Center & Stirling Skate Park
  • All public playgrounds

It”s also important to note that the county has closed all public playgrounds in Pinellas County, including city playgrounds and the Outdoor Fit Zone at Weaver Park.

Do You Want to Help Support Small Businesses in Dunedin Fl?

If you want to help to support small businesses in Dunedin Florida, we recommend calling out for takeout at local restaurants, buying local products online, and overall, staying indoors so that we can see the back of this virus ASAP! If you’re craving Sandbar Grill, make your order through UberEats or call us at (727) 734-1962 for a pickup order on your way home.


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