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Did you know that when you order your Dunedin delivery food at Sandbar Grill, we take every precaution to keep you and our employees protected during this current pandemic. Unfortunately, not all restaurants are being as vigilant which makes it crucial that you take every step necessary to keep the virus at bay. In fact, even if a restaurant is being vigilant, it’s still worth taking extra precautions when your food arrives. Today we’ve got a few tips to help you to do that…

Dunedin Delivery Food: Tips For Accepting Delivery Food During Covid-19

1. Set Out Dishes Before Food Arrives

When your delivery food arrives you’re going to want to transfer it from the takeout container into your own container. This may be straight to plates, or if there is a lot of food, you may want to use a Tupperware or serving dish. Using a utensil, scoop the food from the container and put it into your container. Throw away or recycle the restaurant container and before you touch anything else, WASH YOUR HANDS!

2. Order Without Utensils

It’s generally better for everyone when you ask for no utensils when you order takeout or delivery. You get to save the planet some plastic and paper waste, but you also lessen the chance of bringing Covid-19 into your home. If your order does come with utensils, don’t use them, put them straight in the recycling bin and use your own silverware.

3. About Those Condiments…

Some condiments you already have at home – ketchup, etc. If you have a condiment at home, just ask the restaurant to leave off the condiments. If you don’t have a condiment at home, keep a tub of disinfecting wipes or a clean rag and disinfectant spray on hand. Wipe down the outside of the condiment cups when they arrive. Be sure to wipe the container completely before putting it on the table!

4. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Each time you touch a takeout container or bag, wash your hands thoroughly before touching anything else. This can feel repetitive and unnecessary, but it’s an effective step in keeping Covid-19 out of your home. For example, if you take the takeout container out of the bag and scoop the food onto your plate, you want to throw out the container and then wash your hands before touching anything else. Also, be sure to wipe down the trash can lid/door handle and faucet if you touched them after touching anything from outside your home.

5. A Two-Person Job

If you have someone at home to help you, plating delivery food is much easier with an extra pair of hands. Have one person act as the “outside items” handler and have the other act as the “inside items” handler. For example, as the inside items handler, you would not touch anything that came from outside the house – items like takeout containers, condiments, etc. Instead, you would be responsible for taking out extra plates, putting food on the table once it’s been transferred to your own containers, and even turning on the faucet for the “outside items” handler.

Yes…this may all seem a little excessive, but during a pandemic, you can’t be too careful!

Looking For Delicious Dunedin Delivery Food?

If you live in or around the Dunedin area and you’re craving something delicious for delivery, take a look at our menu then give us a call here at Sandbar Grill at (727) 734-1962.


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