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6 Reasons Dunedin, FL Tourists Love Soft Shell Crab

Have you ever eaten soft shell crab? Many of our long-time locals and Dunedin, FL tourists think Sandbar Grill is the best place to eat this delicious protein-packed seafood. The meat is so sweet and flavorful that it makes a great meal in itself. If you have never had one of our soft-shell crab sandwiches, you simply must. Soft-shell crab, also known as softies or buster crab, is a delicacy that most tourists visiting Dunedin, Florida, love. It has many health benefits to offer, including a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and additional nutrients.

?? Our soft-shell crab is served lightly breaded and fried to perfection. We pair our delicious sandwich with chips.

What you need to know about Soft Shell Crab

Buster crabs are blue crabs that have recently molted their hard outer shell for a new one, exposing a tender and succulent meat usually served fried. Because softies only molt once every two years, they are extremely popular among seafood lovers who wish to indulge in this delicacy.

1. This meal is low in calories.

Softies are a great choice for anyone who is on a diet and who wants to lose weight. This is mainly because soft crabs are extremely low in calories, and they contain almost no saturated fat. This seafood is healthier than other meat options. You can also opt for soft crabs even if you are on a diet.

2. Soft-Shell is delicious

Tourists visiting FL are sure to love our delicious tasting Soft-Shell recipes. Taste is the reason most people eat soft-shell crabs. These little crustaceans are filled with meaty goodness that’s just waiting for someone to crack open their shells and devour them whole.

3. They’re versatile enough to go with practically anything

Soft-shell crabs are extremely versatile. They can be paired with almost anything you want. Not only do they have an amazing taste, but they also have a crunchy texture that makes them great in soups and salads. For example, if you like fried chicken or fried fish, then you can pair your soft-shell crab meal with something that’s fried in order for you to get a balanced meal. If you’re not a fan of eating fried food, then you can also choose to eat it with something light such as vegetables and a salad.

4. Soft-shell crabs are even delicious with dipping/soy sauce

It’s common for these kinds of crabs to be served with a dipping sauce called soy sauce alongside them. Soy sauce is used to complement the flavor of the meaty legs and the crispiness of the crust. Also, adding soy sauce helps cut some of the salt that is found on the crust. Some people enjoy using lemon instead of soy sauce so they can add a little citrus to their meal, without the added sodium.

5. Nice as an appetizer if you are eating with your hands

Soft-shell crabs are an excellent appetizer because they are crunchy, salty, and sweet all at once. They have a mild seafood flavor that is not too strong. They’re delicious with dipping sauces, which means you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors at once. This is perfect for people who like to share food with friends or family members.

6. Taste and Texture

Our soft-shell crabs have a crispy coating of deep-fried batter and meat that is tender, flaky, and sweet. The meaty parts of the crab will be somewhat larger than hard-shell crabs, which have less tender meat. Additionally, the legs tend to be longer than on hard shells, but the smaller claws are comparable in size. The most noticeable difference between soft and hard shells is the top of the crab itself; as its name suggests, the shell is pliable and soft as it does not have any hardened outer layer yet. You can tell if a crab has recently molted by looking on its back for a purple coloration of its new shell.

Soft-shell crab is a delicacy that most people have never tried. At Sandbar Grill, we offer the option for our customers to try this seafood for themselves and enjoy one of the tastiest meals out there. If you are a seafood lover or are just in the mood to try something new, get some friends together and head over to Sandbar Grill in Dunedin, Florida, we’re located near the award-winning Honeymoon Island. To get in touch with us, you can call (727) 734-1962.


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