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When deciding where to eat for lunch, you undoubtedly know that Dunedin grilled food is a better option than fried food, but why is that? There are, of course, some of the obvious reasons, but today we want to look at things in a little more depth.

Dunedin Grilled Food: 5 Reasons Why Grilled Food is Better

1. Less Added Fats

When you cook on the stovetop or in a deep fat fryer (this goes without saying), you use added fats to keep food from sticking to a pan, to facilitate browning, to add flavor, and to quickly cook food items. These fats like oils and butter might taste delicious, but they also add saturated fats which aren’t great for your diet and they add calories that don’t have to be added to your food to make it taste nice.

Properly grilling your food instead still gives you a great flavor and it cuts out those nasty saturated fats and extra calories!

2. Marinades Versus Sauces

A lot of times when we cook on a stovetop or in a traditional oven, we cook dishes that are drenched in fatty, calorie-rich sauces. These sauces are essentially what makes a dish, but they can also be incredibly unhealthy with high levels of sodium and sugars as well as fats and calories. When we grill, however, we tend to marinade our dishes more. Not only does marinating cut out a lot of the additional “junk” that accompanies other cooking methods, but research has also proven that it creates a healthier grilling experience too!

3. More Nutritious Food

Did you know that when you grill foods versus frying them, your food actually retains more nutrients? Thiamine and riboflavin, in particular, are better preserved when you grill. Vegetarian? Grilling has the same effects on vegetable nutrients as it does on meat, plus, the shorter cooking time of grilling means that your veggies maintain more moisture.

4. Less Drying

Speaking of moisture, when you grill your food instead of frying, baking, or microwaving, much less moisture is lost during the cooking process. Less moisture loss also means more of the natural flavors are retained in the food. If you enjoy a good steak or a nice piece of fish you’ll notice this difference as soon as you take your first bite of food!

5. Less Overall Fats

We mentioned above that frying foods involves adding calories and fats to food because of the use of fat as a cooking medium. This isn’t the only area where grilled foods result in less fat. As you cook a steak on a grill, the fat from that steak melts and drips from the meat. Pan frying, however, means that your steak sits in the fat that melts off the meat so those fat calories are going absolutely nowhere!

Dunedin Grilled Seafood Options Available at Sandbar Grill

Looking For Dunedin Grilled Food Options For Lunch?

Are you looking for Dunedin grilled food options for lunch instead of those fatty, oily food options that everyone flocks to? Then drop on by and pay us a visit today at Sandbar Grill Dunedin. You’ll find us at 2602 Bayshore Blvd in Dunedin and we’re open Sunday – Thursday 10:30 am – 10:30 pm and Friday & Saturday 10:30 am – 11:00 pm.


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