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Let’s take a look at the March Drink Specials available at the Sandbar Grill in Dunedin, Florida.

March Drink Specials at Sandbar Grill

Sandbar Grill Drink Specials

Time to Paddy Punch $7

coconut rum, melon, blue curacao, pineapple, sour

Dunedin Drink Specials Martini

Lucky Charms Martini $7

vanilla vodka, Irish cream, marshmallows

Leprechaun Smooch $7

Proper Irish whiskey, sour apple, ginger

Irish Trash Can $9

vodka, gin, rum, peach, blue curacao, can of Red Bull

Dunedin Drink Specials Shot

Shamrock Shot $6

vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur, crèmede menthe

Head into Sandbar Grill in Dunedin, Florida before it’s too late! Be sure to ask about our March Lunch & Dinner specials or take a look at the new Sandbar Grill menu.


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